American Street Kings - MC Romance

American Street Kings is a dark MC Romance series, and books should be read in order.
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He’s a beast. A killer.

A dark shadow with blood on his hands and violence in his veins.

He’s the monster that comes at midnight. The one I watch from my bedroom window, holding my breath, wondering if he has finally come for me.

It’s only a matter of time before he takes me. His ballerina girl. It’s a promise he made the first time he caught me staring at him. ‘You will be mine.’

It’s impossible not to fear him. My bones tremble every time I hear his name.

Granite. President of the American Street Kings MC.

A callous ruler.

A merciless leader

A cruel king.

…and the man who will start a war for me.


Temptation. It’s a powerful thing.

It possesses you. Corrupts you. Turns a pure soul into a reckless beast.

Once it has you in its clutches, you can’t escape it. It won’t let go, not until it perverts everything innocent.

The day she walked into my life, I should have known I’d never be the same again.

Her secrets lured me in, enticed me with truths that would be my ultimate ruin.

I had a war to win. Battles to fight. But her scent turned me into a crazed hunter, manipulating me down a different path of destruction. In the end, she will be my downfall.

Until then…I’ll keep her.


Rage. It’s toxic. It poisons you. Corrupts you. Smothers your heart until it no longer beats.

You can’t run from it. There’s no escape. Once it seizes control, it won’t stop until revenge bleeds the tears of justice.

The day he took her, he destroyed my humanity, turning me into a bloodthirsty savage. Now, I’m driven by my hunger to see the snake bleed. To hear his screams and relish his cries.

He should have known she wasn’t his to take. By touching her, he dared the beast, sealing his fate to breathe his last breath while looking me in the eye.

The devil will suffer by my hand until the day of reckoning.

In the end, he will drown in my madness.

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