Nicoli - Dark Sovereign Series (4 - 6)

Nicoli's complete story unfolds across three books within the Dark Sovereign series.
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AUTHOR'S NOTE: Nicoli, His Queen, Unveiled follow the same couple, and you do not have to read Alexius's trilogy in order to read Nicoli's trilogy. BUT, for a better understanding of the Dark Sovereign world I would recommend you start with Alexius.

I’ve never had a life.

I’m not talking about the freedom money can buy because I have that in spades.

I’m talking about the freedom a girl gets from growing up with four overprotective Del Rossa men…which is zero.

Zero freedom to have a social life. Zero freedom to date.

Men in this city know better than to look my way.

I’m Dark Sovereign property, and everyone knows you don’t touch what belongs to the Del Rossas.

To the brothers, I’m the little sister they never had.

Except for Nicoli. It's different with him.

Whenever he looks my way, I can’t seem to breathe right.

When he’s close, I’m a mess on two feet.

But Nicoli has made it clear that the girl he grew up with is a hard limit for him. I’m the one woman he’ll never touch…

Not even if I beg him to.

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