A Dark MC Romance
American Street Kings Series - Book 1

He’s a beast. A killer.
A dark shadow with blood on his hands and violence in his veins.

He’s the monster that comes at midnight. The one I watch from my bedroom window, holding my breath, wondering if he has finally come for me.

It’s only a matter of time before he takes me. His ballerina girl. It’s a promise he made the first time he caught me staring at him. ‘You will be mine.’

It’s impossible not to fear him. My bones tremble every time I hear his name.

Granite. President of the American Street Kings MC.

A callous ruler.
A merciless leader
A cruel king.

…and the man who will start a war for me.




A Dark MC Enemies to Lovers Romance
American Street Kings Series - Book 2

He's cruel. Ruthless. Deadly.
And the new President of the American Street Kings.

I know his kind. I’ve been trapped and living with them for years. They’re all the same, these
leather-clad savages who arrogantly believe they own the streets simply because they burn
rubber on it.

Onyx is no different. He’s a trigger-happy psycho with an inflated God complex—the kind of
man I swore I’d stay away from. But there’s a war happening. Silent battles are being fought,
and I find myself in the crossfire.

Now, it’s up to me to claw my way out, and as much as I hate it, I need him. My survival
depends on him.

Lucky for me I know how to play this game.
But turns out…so does he.


A Dark Friends to Lovers Romance
American Street Kings Series - Book 3

The American Street Kings saved my life. Twice.
These guys are my family. They’re my home.
Except for one…because he’s more.

Ink knows how to charm his way into any girl’s panties. Except mine. Not that he hasn’t tried,
because he has. He still does. Daily.
To him, sex is a sport, and I refuse to be just another number on his list.

But then I get dragged through hell, and everything changes.
After being kidnapped, tortured, and left in the dark to die, I’m no longer the woman I once was.
And Ink? He’s no longer the same either.

The man who once entertained us with his witty banter and dirty jokes is now consumed with a
need for revenge and to give me the justice I deserve.
He won’t stop until he’s torn out the heart of my tormentor, and I find comfort in that.
I find peace in his rage.

But what happens when this is all over?
Will the chaos force us closer together…or will the madness tear us apart?

The devil will suffer by my hand until the day of reckoning.
In the end, he will drown in my madness.