A Dark Forbidden Mafia Romance
Dark Sovereign Underboss - Book 4

I had to run.
It was that, or marry a man my father auctioned me to when I was a little girl.

I knew my father wouldn’t make it easy, but color me surprised when he sends Caelian Del
Rossa to find me.

The man is a menace.
He thinks he’s my knight in shining armor.
I’m convinced he’s nothing more than my father’s retriever.
Turns out my father asked the Dark Sovereign for help to get him out of the deal and me out
of the marriage from hell.
Their solution?
Marry Caelian instead.
Granted, like me, he’s not exactly thrilled about it. But he’s a Del Rossa.
Loyalty runs in his veins. He’ll do what’s expected of him.
But I’m not a puppet. I can’t be controlled or manipulated.
No smoldering looks or electrifying touches are going to tame me.
And definitely not that one little thing that seems to set every nerve in my body on fire.
The one thing that makes Caelian so dangerously seductive.
The hunt.