Blood & Lies

Twisted Duet - Book 1

I’ve been kidnapped.
Taken. Locked up and tied down.
The last thing I remember is my life spiraling while I try to drown my pain in vodka. It’s the
only way I can cope with the fact that the love of my life walked out on me.
No explanation.
No goodbye.
Just this giant hole inside my chest. Rotting. Festering. Killing me slowly.
Now, I’m alone in this empty room, and I have no idea how I got here. Who took me? Or,
most importantly…why?
But when the door opens, and I look into the eyes of the man who broke my heart, my reality
shatters with one brutal lie after the other.
Every night spent with him, every memory we made fades into nothing because he’s not the
man I fell hopelessly in love with.
This man before me is a monster. My captor.
And he’s going to kill me.


Blood & Vows

Twisted Duet - Book 2

He owns me. Mind, body and soul.
His wicked touch ruins me and corrupts me into wanting things I shouldn’t.
I’ve been his captive since the moment all this started. But now I’m no longer an unwilling
prisoner but rather an eager participant.
The need for ecstasy and the burn to be consumed by my captor makes it impossible for me
to hate him. I know I should, but I can’t. Not when my body obeys him so willingly.
But the tables have turned, and a strong family now stands divided. Castello’s determination
to keep me for himself started a war.
The war of brothers. The war of blood.
In the end, only one will survive.