Alexius Paperback - Dark Sovereign Series, Alexius Trilogy Book #1

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I've been an expert at staying under the radar my whole life.

To not be seen and not get noticed.

That's how you survive this side of town.

But somehow, I caught the attention of a cold-blooded tyrant.

Alexius Del Rossa is the most beautiful creature I've ever seen.

But behind those mesmerizing sapphire eyes lurks a ruthless manipulator.

He'll bend and twist the truth, his every word a carefully crafted lie.

I should have burned the envelope he slipped into my pocket.

I should have skipped town the moment he turned his back. But I didn’t.

I opened that envelope. I read his offer.

Considered it. Declined. Threw it in the trash.

And that was that. wasn't.

Turns out the billionaire mafia heir doesn't take well to rejection and refuses to accept no for an answer.

In fact, there are only two words he wants to hear come out of my mouth.

Two words I'm now forced to say.

"I do."

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