Bared Betrayal

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My secret has a name. Gabriel King.

And he's my future father-in-law.

My new fiancé just became an overnight sensation on the Hollywood scene, and we went from quiet dinners to champagne towers and caviar croquettes with A-listers. While Sebastian basks in his newfound fame, I’m trying to figure out how to fix myself so I can be a good wife.

Deep down, I know there’s only one way. I need to face my demons rather than try and bury them. But Sebastian can’t be the one to help me do it. He can’t know my secret, not if I want a future with him, a man whose life is now under the public spotlight.

It has to be someone else. A complete stranger. Someone I’ll never see again. Better yet, someone who won’t care; who won’t ask questions or hesitate when I tell him what it is I need.

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It’s the only way.

Just one night, one stranger, and my own twisted game to try and break free from my past.

But my world implodes when I realize I’ve merely traded one secret for another—and that secret just walked in at my engagement party introducing himself as Gabriel King…

My future father-in-law.

Bared Betrayal is a new riveting forbidden age-gap romance, and a COMPLETE STANDALONE.

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