Devil's Vow - Vows & Vengeance Duet Book #1

All paperbacks contain signed bookplates and are not personalized.
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Gian Silvestro is everything you’d expect from the future king of a Mafia dynasty. Arrogant. Powerful. Vicious. A monster who likes to ruin pretty little things simply because he can.

His new conquest? Me—his enemy’s daughter and now his new wife. This man hates me with a passion that burns brighter than the sun. A fact he reminds me of every chance he gets.

Our arranged union is the latest twist in this game of power and politics between two rival billionaire families who now suddenly want peace. But it’s all fake. Their intentions. Our wedding vows. The kiss we shared before God.

Gian and I might hold hands in public, smile lovingly at each other while the eyes of the world are on us, but behind closed doors, it’s a brutal battle for control. It’s a clash of wills, and we’re both determined to come out on top, even if it means tearing each other apart in the process.

But when our hate turns into a deadly game of betrayal and desire, I realize how far my husband will go to destroy me. Question is…how far am I willing to go to survive?

*All paperbacks contain signed bookplates and are not personalized.

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