His Queen Paperback - Dark Sovereign Series, Nicoli Trilogy Book #2

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There’s always a price to pay when you’re loved by a man like Nicoli Del Rossa.

He’s my king. The captor of my heart.

But with the Dark Sovereign empire comes savage enemies thirsting for bloodshed, and when a mafia war is raging, buried secrets are brought to the surface.

While my husband does everything to protect me, I start to see the cracks in his truth. The lies, the deception, it begins to unfold, and I no longer know who I can trust.

But all it takes is one night apart.

One night of living in the dark.

One night…and I remember everything.

Now, I’m no longer the woman he married. I’m no longer his hummingbird with a white lace ribbon in her hair. Instead, I’m a shattered soul grappling with haunting recollections, and no one can save me.

Not even him.

His Queen is the second book in Nicoli's trilogy and should be read after Nicoli.

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