Unveiled Paperback - Nicoli Paperback - Dark Sovereign Series, Nicoli Trilogy Book #3

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Everyone treats me differently now.

Like I'm this broken doll with glue sealing the cracks.

It's okay. I can handle their pitying stares.

But not his.

Not Nicoli's.

I hate the way he looks at me like I'm this fragile thing he's too afraid to touch.

I want him to love me the way he did before this nightmare started.

He needs to realize that I'm stronger than he thinks.

I'm not a victim, and I'm more than a survivor. I'm a fighter.

And while Nicoli and his brothers hunt the man responsible, I'm plotting my own revenge.

This isn't a Dark Sovereign war. It's mine.

I didn't come out on the other side of this as a weaker woman. I came out a stronger queen. And Nicoli needs to see that.

He has to stop blaming himself. I don't.

After all, he did save me in the end...didn't he?

Or is the worse still to come?

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